3 ways to turn your financial problems into the meaning of Christmas and still have fun

the meaning of christmas it is about God’s unconditional love for us, faith, eternal life.

Now that you have less disposable income, it’s time to bring the sacred back into the holidays.

Is your credit card debt at an all time high?

The average credit card debt among all American households is $8,400. With mortgage payments rising, job losses mounting, wages not increasing, and a housing market in tatters, many people are more fearful than ever since 9/11.

However, there is a silver lining in the midst of darkness and doom. We can free ourselves from being prisoners of fluff and stuff and enjoy a calm, focused, and content Christmas vacation.

As a parent, you are the guardian your children depend on for financial, health, moral, and spiritual instruction. You shape your child’s life by how he handles his own personal financial crisis.

You can teach your children the valuable character trait of spending only the money you have, not borrowing based on future earnings. Yes, your kids may get grumpy and upset at first, but so what?

Would you rather lose your house and end up on the street than keep buying things you can’t afford?

Your at-home character education lesson gives your child so much more than any store-bought gadget or toy.

Children who witness the character traits of featured leaderswhich is each parent, will soon model the trait.

Where is it written that you should give material gifts during the holidays?

3 simple ways to recover the meaning of Christmas

  1. You can start to stop spending money you don’t have and start being more creative with your gifts. Go through your house and find what you no longer use or need. Clean out closets, drawers, attics, and basements. I guarantee your garage sale will make enough money for a credit card payment or two, or to buy a few Christmas gifts.
  2. Give your extra stuff to one of the many charities that care for the needy and the homeless. You can turn the financial crisis that America is experiencing into a life-changing way of life for you and your loved ones. Giving things to those in need brings back the meaning of Christmas more than anything else.
  3. Be more creative in your Christmas gifts. Find things you can do with other members of your family. Most importantly, share your heart with your loved ones. Read them inspiring Christmas stories.

I’m sure they have more than enough stuff.

Article Summary

I just gave you 3 easy ways to enjoy the holiday season and save money. Click on inspirational Christmas stories to help bring back the meaning of christmas.

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