For more than 80 years, the New York Giants have represented the Big Apple in a big way. Since 1925, the team has played in five stadiums, won three Super Bowls, had 27 professional soccer Hall of Famers and retired 11 player jersey numbers. There have been several memorable moments in more than eight decades of Giants history. While it is quite difficult to define ONE as the most memorable, several of them are certainly noteworthy:

Season 1.1925
According to reliable sources, Tim Mara bought the Giants for $ 500. Mara was a businesswoman and promoter. At the time, the NFL (and later the Giants themselves) was struggling. However, the Giants found a major turning point during their first season. On December 11, the Giants faced the Chicago Bears. Approximately 70,000 fans watched the game live! The Giants would split a two-game series with the Bears, ending the season with an 8-4 record.

2. 1986 season
During the previous season, the Giants had lost to the Chicago Bears (21-0) in the NFC championship game. This season, they were ready to stomp the competition! The Giants completed the regular season with an outstanding 14-2 record. In the playoffs, they demolished the San Francisco 49ers (49-3) and then shut out the Washington Redskins (17-0). In Super Bowl XXI, the Giants nearly doubled the Denver Broncos’ score (39-20). Coach Bill Parcells’s “Gatorade Bath” rounded out the Giants’ season larger than life.

3. Season 1990
The Giants played another solid season, finishing with a 13-3 record. After losing their starting quarterback Phil Simms, everyone wondered how deep the Giants would advance in the playoffs. Quarterback Jeff Hostetler responded. The Giants defeated the Chicago Bears (31-3) and then edged the San Francisco 49ers (15-13), after adding Joe Montana to their Quarterback casualty list. Super Bowl XXV was another tight game, with the Giants slipping away from the Buffalo Bills (20-19).

4. Season 2007
While the Giants started on rocky ground, they finished the season, finishing with a 10-6 record. In the playoffs, the Giants sank the Tampa Bay Bucs (24-14), defeated the Dallas Cowboys in an end zone interception on the last play of the game (21-17), and then outplayed the Green Bay. Packers in overtime (23-20). In Super Bowl XLII, the Giants faced the New England Patriots, who were literally trying to complete a perfect season. Tom Brady and the Patriots had become famous for winning close games in the Super Bowl. However, it was Giants quarterback Eli Manning who hit the last drive of his team’s game. With 39 ticks on the clock, the Giants won their third Super Bowl trophy. The 1972 Miami Dolphins remained the only undefeated team in NFL history.

The New York Giants have had huge seasons throughout their history. Certainly his Super Bowl victories have been in some of his most memorable seasons. Giants fans hope their favorite NFL team wins more NFL championships. Use New York Giants merchandise to cheer the team on for another gigantic season!

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