Will you be in our city visiting Tampa Florida attractions during winter break? We do things a little differently in Florida. Read on to find out how.


Thanksgiving Day in Central Florida looks like it will happen across the country. The difference will be that the temperature is definitely good enough to go outside and play sports with your loved ones. As long as the weather isn’t too cold, many Tampa residents head to the beach or venture into the nearby rivers, lakes, and bay.

In case you’re considering dining out in Tampa on Thanksgiving holiday weekend, try making reservations and get there early! The best locations fill up quickly, specifically the downtown area, Hyde Park, and the South Howard Avenue areas as well. You may find a neighborhood celebration or two that mimic the Macy’s Parade in New York City, but we generally choose water activities, sports, and family fun.


Christmas is certainly one of the holidays that Bay Area residents are repeatedly questioned about by people from the North. The lack of snow, and sometimes even winter weather, sometimes makes it difficult for some people to “get into the spirit” related to Christmas. Shopping is undoubtedly crazy, with shopping centers and outlets packed. Many of us have Christmas trees, many artificial and some authentic varieties. We all buy and wrap a lot of items for the kids and some for ourselves as well. Plus, many of our dishes look the same as anywhere else, with only a handful of exceptions. December is possibly as cold as below zero or possibly as hot as 80 degrees! We visited the beach to get burned over Christmas week just to tell you we did. If the temperature is right, you will watch the open windows and listen to Christmas carols on the radio stations. There are fewer fireplaces in use, yet the spirit is the same.


Epiphany isn’t really a well-known holiday in the nation, but it has actually been exposed to Tampa Bay by a thriving Greek Orthodox network within Tarpon Springs. Greek fishermen had moved to Tarpon Springs years earlier to expand the natural sponge trade, which today provides a hub for tourism in the region. On January 6 of each year, the young people of this community jump into the sea in search of a cross thrown into it. The person who brings it to the surface is believed to have good luck for the next 12 months.

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