Large vehicles are basically used to transport and move heavy materials and bulk goods. Trucks are the most popular means of transporting goods. Now, there are different types of subcategories available in trucks, classified according to their size and functional use. They are rigid trucks, joint ventures, haul trucks, dump trucks, cabs, delivery vans and trailers. All of these vehicles can be rented at their respective rental rates. And if you’re looking for ‘dump truck rental’, there are plenty of options available online.

The person who wants to move their home can hire these trucks. Therefore, there are rental facilities available where you can rent your required size vehicle for one or two days. These vehicles are rented for various purposes, such as moving luggage from one place to another or moving garbage from construction sites to dumpsters. Small trucks are used to move a few goods, but large vehicles such as dump trucks are used to transport heavy and bulky materials. A dump truck is suitable for transporting coal, ore, building material, bulk granule cargo, molding class products, etc.

There are different types of dump trucks classified according to their size and load capacity. Some are listed below:

6X4 Dump Truck: its load capacity is 31-40 Ton. It has 251-350 horsepower HP. It has three sets of tires and is small in size.

2-axle tipper semi-trailer: it has a load capacity of 21-23 tons. Its place of origin is Anhui China (Mainland).

Tipper Semi Trailer: It is made of steel material. Its rims are double triangular corner and it has a tool box.

Dump Truck Applications:

These trucks play a very important role in the building and construction trades. These types of trucks are used to transport construction materials such as sand, dirt, and soil to a construction site and also to remove unwanted and waste materials such as rubble and soil from foundations.

The important and very useful aspect of these trucks is that they can be lifted. There is no need for workers to fill and empty the truck, it can be emptied by lifting the rear. So in this way we can know how important and useful these trucks are.

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