Recently, while attending a ball game, I had a slight disagreement with a fellow spectator. Our difference did not stem from a controversial move by management or a failed umpire decision, as one would expect in a baseball game.

The Kinks’ classic hit “Lola” came through the speaker between innings and I made a comment to my daughter that she should learn to play the banjo on that song. A guy sitting directly behind me, presumably a musician, told me that no banjo was used in “Lola”.

I insisted that it was, since I had been listening to that song for over forty years. The partner agreed that it did sound like a banjo, but the instrument used was a guitar.

My daughter wrote a few words on her phone and within minutes the dispute was resolved. The internet search for the song proved him wrong, as there were no banjo’s on the credit list of Lola.

However, the incident made me think of other classic rock songs that include a banjo. Here are eight of the best known.

Take it easy for the eagles

Bernie Leadon would leave the band shortly after this song hit the charts, but his choice gives this timeless classic a country appeal.

Last son of Aerosmith

Steven Tyler is always smiling, but he’s actually messing with this hit of getting lost at home from the Rocks album.

Neil Young’s Old Man

The five strings that accompany the harmonica and acoustic guitar in this classic by Harvest They are being played by James Taylor.

You told me for the Monkees

Campus It is the first album in which the quartet played their own instruments, one of which was the banjo handled by Peter Tork.

Buffalo Springfield Bluebird

The group’s second album, appropriately named Buffalo springfield Again, spawned this single with a Charlie Chin banjo part.

WHO Daily Records

Any band that ever made a song dedicated to an accordion a hit, like they did on “Squeeze Box,” also added a banjo to the best track of the year. Face dances album.

Honky Cat by Elton John

A song about leaving the city for country life must include a banjo, which in this hit is chosen by Davey Johnstone.

Butch Walker’s Dublin Crow

The signature bluegrass instrument adds an Irish flavor to this single by The shovel.

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