The iPhone 5C is Apple’s latest form of innovation among its line of mobile phone products, a new model that has been produced to take advantage of markets seeking greater affordability. While affordability is subjective in and of itself, many still see this model as a premium device at a premium cost. It’s actually just a bit cheaper than their other models on offer, like their iPhone 5S, with fewer features. Compared to its closest competitors offered by other firms, the features it possesses lack quality, with little real innovation proven over the years that Apple has had.

The usual glass and aluminum we see with Apple iPhones are swapped with polycarbonate as last seen with the iPhone 3GS. This attracts some; disgusts others. Allowing to create a range of colors using such materials, there is certainly a model for someone. But the device simply cannot be compared to the iPhone 5 and 5S, both on another level of elegance. It would not be ridiculous to associate the 5C with electronic devices for children. But again, there is another market there. Being able to launch a device as valuable as toys could be seen as a very positive thing, as it offers more durability compared to previous handhelds made of glass.

Our advantages: the most customizable color gamut, the operating system is unsurprisingly totally smooth with no lag or glitches, and the battery life that has gradually deteriorated as these devices become more powerful returns again with this model. No longer will you have to charge at lunchtime simply because your phone decides it needs to run more than 10 apps at a time when it really isn’t necessary. Oh, and the camera has improved significantly, it is much more “snappy” and responsive.

Our downsides: Apple markets this model as affordable, but at the end of the day it’s still a premium price, picky, and not up to par with competing products at the same price. Therefore, it is not top quality. However, we know how easy it is to stay true to this giant. Even though it took its usual time to launch this, compared to the iPhone 5 that came out years ago, not much has changed, it seems that all that has happened is a revamp of the design and a new marketing campaign to push that. and that only.

Key specs include Apple’s 1.3GHz dual-core A6 processor, various storage capacities, iOS 7, a 4-inch IPS screen, and an 8-megapixel camera with LED flash.

It is easy to fall in love with this device. It fits perfectly in the hand, its standard general size is ideal for those who have previously been attached to Apple and it works perfectly. But digging deeper only reveals that it lacks what others on the market don’t have. If you’re more focused on processor size, power, capacity, screen resolution, and other technical details, then you’d better stick with an older model or consider alternative manufacturers.

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