Most Jake Gravity Force Trainer units can be purchased at great discounts. You can find some of them that cost up to $ 800, but there are some that are available for $ 300 on eBay. Some of the ones on Craigslist are offered cheaper.

Product details

The Jake Gravity Force Trainer works with your own body to get you in shape. Apart from this, it is the same as the Total Gym in that you can choose between resistance levels. It allows you to do one thing other fitness machines cannot and that is control gravity. It allows you to exercise as much as you want.

You can do about seven exercises in just 21 minutes. You can really expect to see a difference in your physique after this.

It mostly looks like an exercise bike, however it doesn’t look like one at all. The Jake Gravity Force Trainer’s seat is connected to a lever system along with the handles. The training focuses more on the abs, arms, and back than the legs.

The Jake Gravity Force Trainer works great for first-time exercisers. It does not involve mechanical parts, so even teenagers can use them.

The Jake Gravity Force Trainer comes with a user manual and a DVD. It also has an eating guide to help you with your diet. The machine is 38 inches wide, 60 inches long, and 38 inches high. It can be used by people with a maximum weight of 350 pounds. It is also useful for people of short stature and those who are over 6 inches tall.

The Jake Gravity Force Trainer comes with a warranty, but the duration depends on where you bought it.

The machine does not have as much cardiovascular work. The effects performed by Jake Gravity Force Trainer are great for beginners and even professionals.

As mentioned, the Jake Gravity Force Trainer allows you to do seven exercises quickly. These are: push-up, tricep curl, shoulder press, seated squat, abdominal crunch, chest press, and bicep curl. It is enough to exercise your whole body. It’s also easy to switch between exercises so they really feel like circuit training.

The backrest is not that comfortable but you keep the tension on your muscles. This allows you to exercise up to 150% of normal body weight, depending on the exercise you are doing.

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