Have you ever been to a virtual car dealership? Most likely it hasn’t, but it probably will very soon. In fact, if you want to make a great second income for just a little work, you could have your own virtual car dealership. Is that how it works.

Set up a classified ad type website to list vehicles for private owners who sell vehicles there. You list all the information about the vehicle and show pictures. If you have the knowledge, you can offer to take the photos for the advertisement in your local market for a small fee. With tools like mapquest, you can even show your website visitors exactly where vehicles are located. As for your payment, you can charge an initial fee, which is the preferred method of the operators of these sites, or a commission after the sale.

The last of these may make you more money, but make sure you have a written agreement. These sites work well if you limit yourself to your local area and try to keep the site cool. Change the order of the vehicles from time to time and change the messages on the home page at least once a week. This, we repeat, the viewer knows that this is an active site and that it is worth looking at. It takes a bit of computer knowledge to get this up and running, but several website providers offer templates that allow you to simply fill in the blanks. This can be a wonderful and easy side business to earn extra income.

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