data integration it’s a process that is quickly becoming a necessity for all businesses moving to cloud-based services. Switching to SaaS/cloud-based applications may seem like the last step in improving your business processes, such as sales, marketing, and decision making; but they often forget to include in their plan the data migration that needs to be done from their old systems to new cloud applications like CRM.

This process is extremely demanding and full of bottlenecks, unless you have a tool to help you do it smoothly, eliminating the bottlenecks. Integrating data from internal or back-end applications like ERP, SCM and other similar applications is a lengthy process and does not meet the requirements of today’s fast-paced business agenda.

In addition to being time consuming, the encryption data migration process is also highly unreliable in terms of quality for business decision making and could cost your company millions of dollars.

So how do you meet the demands of data integration in the new profitable cloud? CRM application your company has adopted?

You can keep your worries aside as Bodhtree offers you a simple three-step process for data integration using MIDAS (Multi-Industry Data Anomaly Solution), a solution to all data integration problems. It not only helps in rapid migration of data to Sales Force CRM but it also helps you clean, synchronize and monitor data, improving your business processes with its reliability.

And what is more? MIDAS is a SaaS-based application, which means there are no installation or maintenance costs after implementation. It is a robust application that allows for seamless upgrading and updating.

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