Many real estate agents start and sometimes sadly end their careers without a plan. And as the saying goes, not planning is as good as planning to fail.

Sure, some do the usual and long-awaited things to cultivate new business, like sending letters and postcards to friends and family, calling acquaintances, and handing out business cards to everyone they meet.

Hell, some are brave enough to “cold call” prospects, the more

dreaded of all tasks! And while all of these activities are good things to do, they don’t necessarily translate into new business opportunities – now or later!

And while these may be good strategies, you need more. But instead of working harder, why not work smarter?

The most successful realtors and real estate agents have “led

generation systems. “Some farm listings expired for big profits.

A good listing system can:

start a new or average real estate sales career; bring real estate listings on a regular basis; week after week

generate potential buyers and sellers; give you marketing exposure in months instead of years; and position it to know the best real estate investment purchases

Personally, I love expired listing systems and their laser beam as the focus on warm and responsive sellers. Sellers who are generally still friendly with realtors, eager to sell, and who will do whatever it takes to sell their properties.

Owners of expired listings are motivated by many reasons; Double mortgages, vacant properties, terrible tenants, newly married and mixed homes, recently divorced and real estate asset liquidation, and so on.

Also, they have been through a listing cycle and may be eager to move on with their lives. But, as you know, or will soon learn, it is not worth having all the listings.

As for me, initially I listed all the properties that I could; vacant lots, single family homes, condos, triplex, mobile home parks, mobile homes, homes in excellent condition, repairmen, you name it.

And I got to feel pretty good (and a bit cocky) as my ad portfolio grew to more ads than I could handle.

So, I first hired a part-time employee / assistant to help me market my listings, then I hired a newly licensed seller as a partner and split the listing fees 50/50. Pretty soon my ad system started working and I was averaging 1-2 ads a week.

Then I had an army of agents working for me day and night, since almost all of my listings were on the Multiple Listing System. Working to get paid, even when I was accompanying excursions, cutting my hair, or just taking a day off.

That’s what a good real estate listing system can do for you!

So if you don’t have a good list system, you should get one. After all, if real estate listings are the lifeblood of the industry, how successful can you be without them?

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