Today, more than fifty percent of households own a seventh-generation game console. More than ever, gamers have a wide range of options not only regarding the games they can play, but also how they interact with the gaming environment and spend on them. For current generation video game consoles, the Web has been a vital platform not only to increase the popularity of certain games, but also to connect game enthusiasts with other gamers around the world and with the larger market. where games and other applications for consoles can be purchased in a very convenient way.

The three key seventh-generation game consoles have their respective virtual market. Microsoft offers the Xbox Live Marketplace, Nintendo offers the Shop Channel for their Wii players, and Sony users have the PlayStation Store. These web-based marketplaces offer numerous products, such as themes, songs, videos, game demos and full games, system upgrades, and other benefits. Some of these products are provided to players at no cost, but there are also those that require a fee.

For the products you want to buy from the web-based marketplace, you must use the payment systems followed by that marketplace. Purchases made online are completed using currencies other than that market. For example, if you own an Xbox, you will need to purchase Microsoft Points online or offline to purchase from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Similarly, Wii users must earn Nintendo Points to purchase things on the Wii Shop Channel. Points can be purchased with a credit card online or redeemed as gift cards that are available in physical stores.

Unlike the other two gaming systems, PlayStation employees have a different payment system. Unlike specialty currencies, all purchases are made in the user’s local currency through the use of a wallet system whereby funds are added to the wallet and loaded when the user purchases something. The user can add funds to their wallet in various ways, usually with a credit or debit card. In many areas, you can also get PlayStation 3 network cards for the same purpose.

If you want to get PlayStation 3 network cards or Microsoft points, either for yourself or to give to a friend or your child, be sure to buy them only from official sources or trusted retailers. Unfortunately, fraudulent behaviors are not at all unusual, especially on the Internet. For example, there are scammers who tell you that you can get free points or network cards. However, don’t forget that game console manufacturers will only provide points and network cards for free during official contests which usually link directly to their official websites, and those contests are frequently mentioned on game blogs, forums, and websites. So before entering your account and personal details, be sure to check if the ads are authentic.

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