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Speed ​​Reading Tips for Building a Photographic Memory: Remembering Names

Imagine what it would be like once you develop a photographic memory. You can use it while speed reading to learn new facts, names, and concepts in an instant. Well, you can have a photographic memory, and this article will help you get started.

When you think of a photograph, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A picture. Your brain likes to think using images. Learning to create images to capture new ideas and vocabulary is the first step in developing your powerful new memory. Let’s focus on learning new names using this technique.

Here’s the first name I want you to learn: “Robin.” When you think of the word “Robin”, what comes to mind? A bird! Now think of a giant bird perched on the head of this person whose name is “Robin.” Anything you see this person will think of the bird. Like magic, you have locked in the name of him. Let’s learn another name.

A common name is “John”. This is also the word used for a man’s toilet. Imagine a giant urinal on top of your friend’s head. Every time you see this person, you can’t help but think of that giant toilet sitting on top of his head. You have now locked his name into memory. How can you do this with a more complicated name like mine, Howard?

With more complicated names, you can break it down into syllables that have different images. The first syllable is “How”, and that is a question. So I imagine a giant question mark. The second syllable sounds like the word “wood.” To remind me of Howard’s name, I imagine a giant question mark on a piece of wood. Instantly, I have learned a new name.

Try breaking down people’s names into pictures. The more exaggerated the image, the better it works. You will soon be an expert in learning new names.

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