Studying in Edinburgh, a list of renting risks

“Meet “”Second Landlord””

What does “”second landlord”” mean? In English, this phenomenon is called sub-letting. Most intermediaries and landlords are strict with tenants to do this. There are cases where it is permitted, and it is also carried out with the consent of the landlord.

To put it simply, a “”second landlord”” is a person who rents out a Edinburgh student accommodation. For example, you rent a two-bedroom apartment. Then, as a “”landlord””, you post a rental advertisement on the Internet and rent out each house separately. , these tenants will think that you are the landlord and pay the rent directly to you.

This phenomenon is common and has many risks, but it cannot be avoided and eliminated. First of all, from the perspective of a “”second landlord””, you can not only rent a whole house, but also be a “”landlord”” in the eyes of others. What’s more, your “”tenant”” has almost paid you the rent of the whole house every month. Hand it over, and you’ll save a lot of money on rent. Secondly, from the perspective of a “”tenant””, the price of renting a house is much cheaper than renting a whole house, and there are more such houses, and it is much more convenient to rent with an individual than with an intermediary. Then, here comes the problem, because it is cheap and the procedure is simple, this kind of rental channel has extremely high risks.

The main issues of complaints against “”second landlords”” are:

1. If something breaks, don’t care about repairing it

2. The deposit will not be refunded when moving

3. Disappearing (the most fearful thing is to encounter this kind of situation, the “”second landlord”” is not the landlord anyway, so he can leave whenever he wants)

4. When his rental contract is over, he may also drive you away

Encounter bad landlord or intermediary

Even if we don’t look for “”second landlords””, we just look for landlords or intermediaries, you may not be able to guarantee that they will act honestly and follow the rules when student accommodation Edinburgh.

Many students complain about their landlords or agents. The main complaints are similar to those mentioned above, but at least they are not afraid that the landlord or agent will run away (landlords usually don’t run away because they bought the house. As for the agent, it depends on what you are looking for.) Is it a personal one or a regular one with a storefront, it is not so easy to run away if you have a storefront, the rent of a UK storefront is so expensive, it is not worth running for you as a customer):

One of the most significant benefits of student accommodation is the exposure to a diverse range of cultures and perspectives. International students, in particular, contribute to the richness of this experience by bringing their unique customs, traditions, and viewpoints to the community.

1. If something is broken, the landlord or the agent will not fix it

2. The deposit will not be refunded when moving

One of the most significant advantages of student apartments in Edinburgh is their proximity to renowned universities and educational institutions. These apartments are strategically located in close proximity to prestigious establishments such as the University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University, and Edinburgh Napier University.

This ensures that students have a short and convenient commute to their classes, allowing them to save valuable time and energy. By residing in a student apartment, students can fully immerse themselves in their academic pursuits while being in the heart of the city. Student apartments in Edinburgh are designed to provide students with comfortable and modern living spaces.

In short, it is impossible to predict what kind of landlord we will encounter when renting a house. Even if we live in a school dormitory or a regular dormitory manager’s house, there is still a risk of encountering a bad landlord or dormitory manager. Less likely than others. If you have to move out to live by yourself for various reasons, but you feel that renting a whole house is too expensive, then please check whether your prospective landlord is reliable before renting a house!”

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