Summon powerful spirits and make pacts with them

Recently, I summoned the planetary spirit, Bethor, twice. The first time required more planning, and the second time was more of a spontaneous recollection. Both times were met with the same successes. Bethor is one of the Olympian planetary spirits mentioned in The Arbatel of Magic, Arbatel De Magia Veterum.

Bethor is also mentioned in the book “Summoning Spirits” by Konstantinos. He is said to be the “spirit of Jupiter” and is described as wearing “a robe of blue colour”. He also mentions that he is “surrounded by flashes of light, like lightning”.

When I first decided to summon Bethor, my focus was asking for help with my freelance writing career. I did not plan to ask for money, riches or treasures; I only asked for help in business matters.

Before I go any further, I want to warn all newbies to the trade that summoning spirits, especially powerful ones, can be dangerous. I know we’re all tempted to dabble sometimes, but sometimes it’s better not to. Summoning 16th century grimior entities should only be done after all other options have failed. I don’t want to sound like I’m preaching, but dabbling in the occult is serious business.

However, I don’t have much room to talk. I do not claim to be a ceremonial magician. I can only describe myself as some kind of chaos mage/eclectic witch. I admitted that I did not summon Bethor in the “old way”.

I called the quarters before starting the “ceremony”. After being satisfied with the circle, I faced the East and began the evocation. I meditated on Bethor’s sigil and chanted her name for several minutes. I asked for a sign that he was present, and then the entire room turned extremely cold. I also noticed a kind of blue aura in front of me; its color is blue, after all.

I proceeded to ask him for help with business matters. I am trying to establish a career as a freelance writer. Unfortunately, until then, things were not going so well. I asked for his help and promised to tell the world about him. I haven’t found much information on Olympian planetary spirits. If there is a lot of information out there, I have yet to discover it.

Finally, once I felt confident that the summons was successful, I asked him for a sign that he was willing to help me. Something told me to “look out my window,” and I did. There was a strange cat sitting in my garden looking at me. I never saw that cat before the summoning. My own cats are very territorial and often chase other cats away. Since then, the cat has taken up residence on my porch and refuses to leave. He’s just a half-grown kitten, and my adult cats seem scared of him.

It is because of this strange fear that my cats have of the “mystery” cat that led me to summon Bethor once more. One of my cats went missing for a couple of days. This was very unlike her, and she was extremely worried that something bad had happened to her. I felt guilty in a way, as if I were to blame for the presence of the “mystery” cat. For the rest, the evocation of Bethor was successful; Immediately after calling him, I started receiving more writing jobs than ever before. Bethor literally started helping me instantly. Unfortunately, she was too worried and upset about my cat to focus on my work.

During a panic mode, I hastily summoned Bethor again. I asked him if he would please “give me back my kitty” instantly. I also took the time to thank you for helping me with my previous evocation. I chanted his name and even drew his sigil all over my arm. I asked him with everything he had to bring me my kitten. Once again, I felt like someone was trying to tell me something. This time, the words “she goes and opens the door; she’ll be there this time” formed in my head. I did exactly that. She was there

After two days of his disappearance, he finally appeared during my plea to Bethor. She was so happy and grateful that I started to cry. I also gave the “mystery” cat some food. As frustrated as I was with it, I knew my own cat’s stubbornness wasn’t her fault. He’s a skinny little thing, and I feel like he came to me for a reason (well, other than food).

As for my writing career, things are going very well now. I will keep my promise to Bethor by writing about my personal experiences with him. I am posting this “manifesto” for all to read. If I ever decide to work with other planetary spirits, I will also write about my experiences with them.

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