Whether you’re heading to the next city to find your new Ragdoll kitten or taking your kitty on a plane, here are some items you might want to have before bringing your Ragdoll kitty home.

o Pet Carrier – If your kitty is being shipped, then your kitty will come with one. Otherwise, you’ll want to get one to take your kitty home and use when you go to the vet. Make sure the carriers are big enough for when the kittens grow up; medium size should be fine. If you are looking for protractors for their size, then you will want to get one that weighs around 20 pounds. And this is something that you will have for your pet’s life, so don’t worry too much about spending a lot because you will have it for a long time!

o Towel – Have an absorbent towel cloth for your kitty to rest, and in case of a potty accident, if she is in the carrier for a long time.

o Food: get what your breeder recommends or is feeding them now. If you don’t like your food choices, you will still need to have the food you are used to and then you can switch to what you want later. There are guidelines on how to transition cats to different foods and it is very important to follow them.

o Food and water bowls: I recommend stainless steel or ceramic bowls for easy cleaning. Plastic ones are known to cause acne in cats, so it’s best to avoid them altogether.

o Litter box: You could also get a large one, as your kitty will need it when she grows up.

o Litter – You will want to have the litter that your breeder has been using, so that your kitty will recognize it immediately and want to use the litter box. Of course, you can also transition to another litter later, but when starting out, you want the same type that your breeder uses.

o Cat Toys: Consider buying cat wand toys, catnip toys, and even interactive cat toys; Here are a few to consider:

– Neko flies

– Yeowww! Catnip banana

– Bergan Turbo Scraper

o Scratching Post – Again, see what the breeder has in their home and then see if you can find something similar. This allows your kitty to scratch vertically.

o Scratching Post: A horizontal scratching post, like a cardboard one, allows your kitty to scratch downward as well, rather than upward (vertically). the Bergan Turbo Scratcher

o Brushing and Grooming – Many Ragdoll cats do not require a considerable amount of grooming, but it is important from a young age to get your kitten used to being brushed so that by the time she is 19 she doesn’t hate the feeling. her. Grooming your cat also creates an excellent opportunity for the pet owner and cat bonding time.

o Nail clippers: your breeder may have a recommendation on what type of clippers to buy. It is important that they get used to the nail clippers and the sensation of cutting their nails from a young age.

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