The lifeguard equipment is of great importance. A poorly equipped guard will definitely find it very difficult to perform timely rescues even in situations that could be a matter of life and death. Therefore, it is very important to have all the necessary tools of the trade so that the duties are easy and effective to perform. One of the items that every lifeguard must have is a ring buoy. They are typically international white or orange donut-shaped floats and are considered life savers because of how useful they are in risky situations. Every lifeguard needs a high quality ring buoy for essentially the following reasons.

  • They can reach places that may be difficult for the lifeguard to reach with a naked body. This makes it possible for the bereaved, but the conscious victim, to be rescued without even the guard reaching them in person.

  • They offer an easy time to perform a rescue even when the lifeguard is at a great distance from the victim. This is thanks to the launch line that most rings come with or lines can also be purchased separately to customize a buoy and make it more effective in rescue missions. This can be very important as the victim’s safety is ensured before the guard can reach her.

  • Most are made with soft stretchy materials, making them more suitable for setup. They have a closed cell of solid foam that makes them durable. With a high-quality one, a lifeguard can enjoy all the benefits for a long period of time.

  • The materials with which they are made are made to withstand the extreme temperatures and climatic conditions of the environment. Therefore, they do not accumulate mold or rot. They are perfect for outdoor environments with water.

  • They come in different sizes, allowing first responders to choose the best one for rescuing both children and adults.

  • With the line securely attached, they facilitate the tasks of a lifeguard, as they only need to be thrown to the victim and carried to safety once the victim is securely clinging to it. They are designed to save time in difficult but dangerous situations.

Choose the best

The market has different options when it comes to ring buoys. When looking for the best, consider the materials that make it up. The material can determine whether the ring is lightweight but durable at the same time. Light weight is important because you want to be able to launch the ring correctly and closer to the swimmer when the need arises.

The size must also be considered. It can be helpful to have one size suitable for children and one that can accommodate adults. With careful selection, you must find a size that can work both ways.

It is also important to consider the line of fire, as it will determine how easy it is to pull the buoy with the victim on it. It must be strong and comfortable enough for the hands to avoid injury during the mission.

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