The black sand beaches symbolize the beauty of Saint Lucia, a secluded and romantic getaway on the eastern edge of the Caribbean Sea, exposed to the warm and gentle trade winds of the Atlantic. It is the perfect place to spend time after weddings in Saint Lucia.

Soufrière, the former capital of St. Lucia, is close to beaches that require hiking up the side of a mountain along winding trails through cool, lush rainforest. The relative remoteness of the beaches near Soufrière means that the area is a perfect secluded spot for a honeymoon. Tall palm trees shield bathers from the heat of the tropical sun, while divers will find a paradise of reefs and hundreds of varieties of tropical fish just meters from shore.

After a day of relaxation and privacy during a St. Lucia honeymoon on the beach, many visitors like to return to Soufrière for dinner or a drink. There are several tourist attractions nearby, including historic Ft Charlotte. Morne Coubaril Estate, a working farm that grows cocoa and coconuts, is open to the public. The site features a recreated farm workers’ village, and Daniel’s Ark is a new attraction in Morne Coubaril suitable for both children and adults.

Also near Soufrière are the Daimon Botanical Gardens, which offer rainforest and waterfall hikes, a nature trail, as well as excellent restaurants and a spa with mineral baths.

If you prefer to spend your time in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, local “dive spots” provide divers with plenty of opportunities to interact with dolphins, sea turtles, eagle rays, and even humpback whales.

Back in Soufriere, there are many different places to eat. The rich cultural heritage of this island, sometimes considered the crossroads of the Caribbean, means there are excellent opportunities to experience French, Indian, Creole and Caribbean cuisine. If you’re looking to shop, near Rodney Bay you’ll find traditional handmade crafts and souvenirs, as well as a beach with all the amenities for day visitors.

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