We have experienced, challenges, our nation, etc., before, but, perhaps, never, to the current degree, in recent memory! Regardless of the political perspective, priorities and preferences, most would agree, the next elections that we face, in November 2020, are important, because it seems that we are at a crossroads that can determine the direction and the course of the future. behaviors, of this nation! This is not the usual, mere political, traditional, partisan, but, rather, it can be a historical battle, for the soul of the country, and perhaps for the rest of the world. We have faced previous elections, where many felt that they were faced with choosing the lesser of two evils, and their vote would not really matter, but apparently the difference between the vision of the United States, and the planet, between Donald Trump! and Joe Biden, he is extraordinary! How are these two men, divided and PULLED APART, in key ways? With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it is important.

1. Healthy leadership: If we turn to the slogans, the difference between these two can be that of Trump, more of the same, Make America Great Again, attractive, and Biden’s, Make America Sanne Again! Many polls and polls indicate that President Trump is viewed, by most Americans, in a negative light! Wouldn’t we be better served by someone looking to unite us, rather than a negative, polarizing influence?

2. Empathy (versus self-interest): It takes willingness and willingness to effectively prioritize, listen and learn, and prioritize constituents’ needs, goals, perceptions, priorities, etc.! Many feel that the current holder of the highest office, in our land, prioritizes his personal / political agenda and / or his own interest, rather than the common good!

3. Planning: While Trump appears to proceed, proud, by the seat of his pants, he too, on several occasions, appears to proceed, in an unsuspecting manner! His opponent, Joe Biden, seems to believe strongly in power and the need for effective planning.

Four. Attitude; fitness: Open minded folks notice an obvious difference between these two men especially in terms of their attitude etc. There have been numerous reports, President Trump often seems disinterested in many of the relevant details and, we must question, the apparent aptitude and skill sets, applicable and necessary.

5. Relevant; reasoning; reality: Make America Great Again, it seems, to make the assumption, not great anymore, etc! How often does this President resort to distracting statements and actions, when we would be better served by relevant planning! Examine each individual’s focus and emphasis and their prevailing reasoning! Have you ever believed, Mr. Trump, that you behave as if you were involved in some kind of alternate reality?

6. Articulate; behaviour: When one public leader speaks, he influences many others! Have you considered the impact, when this President, articulates a message, which seems to many, to be, contradictory, polarizing, etc.? There are ramifications of someone’s actions, just like when they resort to procrastination!

7. Timely; time tested; true / truthful: When a public official appears to prioritize potential, political impact, etc., rather than what is necessary and necessary, he often fails to act in a timely and well-considered manner. A prepared leader uses the skills, experience, and expertise they have gained by applying the finest and time-tested approaches! When you constantly avoid the truth, you are not truthful, and many lose confidence in your ability to lead.

8. Excellence versus, well, enough: The quick fix is ​​often not the best. When this president appears to seek populism, rather than the best, he is not serving the best interests of this nation! We must demand a pursuit of genuine excellence, rather than acceptance of the good, enough!

9. Deepen; to find out: When you consider yourself a stable genius and smarter than the experts, you run the risk of not digging deep to discover the best way forward.

Joe Biden claims that we are in a battle for the soul of our nation! What do you think?

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