Maintaining the good condition of your granite countertop is making it last. And if you can make it last, you can also make the most of its uses. One specific task involved in making that happen is granite countertop cleaning.

It is true that granite countertops are durable. After all, that’s the main reason they tend to last a long time. However, granite also has a weakness no matter how strong the stone is. And if you are going to have to use it in your home, proper and effective granite care must be performed to maintain its usefulness.

Stains and scratches are two major examples of things that can damage your kitchen countertop. Those damages can leave it dull and discolored, which is certainly not a good thing, especially since the beauty that granite possesses is one of its main strengths. If that happens, then you cannot have full use of your granite countertop.

There are basically three things you can do to keep your granite countertop in good shape. First is to reseal it. Now, there are certain products that you can use to do this. But then, since countertops are most often used in food preparation, opt for sealers that are mild and non-toxic. In addition, it is advised that the sealing be carried out every two years. However, there are some that require annual resealing to retain their beauty and protection. For the precise steps to address this, ask your granite maker or professional for help.
The second way is to do a daily cleaning of the granite countertop. As a means of caring for granite, this involves several steps that must be executed correctly. Although they may require a number of additional jobs, they are still worth it with all the benefits that they can additionally provide.
The following are those steps.

  • Clean the surface with warm water and liquid dish soap. To avoid scratches, use a soft cloth or sponge on this.
  • Rinse the surface well.
  • Dry the surface. Again, you will need to use a soft cloth for this for smooth, scratch-free drying.

Note that there are now granite cleaners that you can use to do this. If you’re not satisfied with how your water and liquid dish soap work, you can try those eco-friendly cleaners. However, be sure to settle for only the best among them.
The third way to keep your granite countertop looking good is to break your bad habits. They can also cause damage. Here are some of the things you can do to break them.

  • Use coasters under bottles, cans, and your favorite mug or glass whenever you place them on your granite countertop. Especially if what they contain contains vinegar, lemon or any acid-based drink or beverage, you should avoid spilling them.
  • Use pads under your pans. This will prevent direct heat contact with the granite countertop.
  • Act immediately at the first sight of spills or stains. Waiting will give them time to penetrate the stone, making it difficult to remove.
  • Whatever action you take, test it first on the small, not too exposed part of the countertop.

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