Straightening irons are one of the best friends of women. They are owned by most of the fashion loving women all over the world. Mini straightening irons are sometimes called travel irons. This is due to its portability. They are small, compact size plates that easily fit inside your handbag or travel kit. The average length of these irons is 6 inches and weighs only half the weight of regular irons. They weigh only about 0.90 pounds.

The technology used in the plates varies by price and brand. The high-quality irons use tourmaline-infused ceramic plates as heating plates. They offer better heat distribution and safer ironing. They also come with adjustable heat settings, universal voltage supply, LED indicators, ON / OFF switch, auto-off function, etc.

Some of the mini plates integrate the revolutionary infrared technology. This protects the hair from the immense heat. Seals in the natural moisture and oil content of the hair. Another innovative feature of high-end mini irons is negative ion technology. This feature prevents the build-up of static electricity. Protects hair from burns and also nourishes it.

Since the term “mini” is included in their names, some people think that they are not as good as normal plates. But it is a misunderstanding. The mini irons can perform all the functions of the normal iron. You can twist, curl and flip your hair without just straightening it. They are economical than normal plates as they have thinner and smaller plates than normal plates. Therefore, the power required to heat the plate is much less. Some of these irons take just under 35 seconds to heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. In the long run, it can be a way to save money.

Mini straightening irons are made by many brands. Some of the most famous and best-selling brands are Babyliss, Avanti, ERGO, Keratin, Cortex, H&R, CHI, etc. The price range of these plates can range from $ 60 to $ 400. The high-end models include all the main features such as nano-titanium and nano-silver ion generation technology. Most of them also offer a one-year limited warranty.

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