The search engine was invented by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. To mention who invented Google, it began when two computer science students thought they could improve the Internet search technology available during the 1990s. After graduation, it took them a while to transform their idea into Google.

The name Google was used after a googol, the name of figure 1 followed by 100 zeros. Edward Kasner and James Newman found the number in the book Mathematics and the Imagination. For Larry and Sergey, the name Google simply represents the enormous amount of unlimited information that a search engine should accommodate.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford University as computer science graduates in 1995. During 1996, they began working together on the writing of the program to build a search engine. Initially it was called BackRub, for its ability to perform return link analysis. They were trying to find better ways to scan the internet and submit specific information for a search query. Later, they finally found a workable mathematical method that evaluated page links to help get the most relevant results.

Motivated by the criticism they received about BackRub, Larry and Sergey started working at Google. They operated from their bedrooms and even built a web server using cheap, borrowed, used PCs. They maximized credit card limits to buy terabytes of disks at discounted prices. In the process, they tried to license the search engine technology, but to no avail after realizing that no one was interested in their product at such an early stage of establishment. However, they decided not to give up on Google and tried to seek more financial help, made product improvements, and advertised to the public themselves.

In September 1998, with capital support from some companies, Larry and Sergey launched Google Inc. from their Menlo Park garage in California. During that time, was already responding to more than 10,000 queries a day. It stood out from other search engine companies because it relied more on search results than web content. People who visited the web page basically have two options, either to enter some search terms or press the “I feel lucky” button, which would take users to the most popular results. The search was quick, the results were really useful, and Internet users were getting more and more excited about using Google.

Therefore, on September 21, 1999, Google has officially removed beta testing status from its title. Therefore, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were listed as the people who invented Google.

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