WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 Multiplayer Review


Genre: Wrestling

max Players online: 12

Leaderboards: Yes

Private Games: Yes


  • Ranked and unranked matches
  • A whole host of match types
  • Take as much time as you want to check the scores.
  • All current fighters
  • User-created content allowed online


Learn to counter effectively, anticipate the timing of opponents’ moves. Isolate your opponent without giving them a chance to tag in tag matches. Double team legally, have the outside person interfere as much as legally possible. Stay in the center of the ring if you want to survive longer in Battle Royals and Royal Rumbles. Double team when someone is on the apron, having more people helping take out gives you a higher chance of victory. Attack vulnerable or stunned opponents in Elimination Chamber matches to increase your meter and allow for signature moves. Stay out of the way of the main action in Elimination Chamber matches.


One by one:

  • regular match
  • Ladder Matches (TLC, Ladder)
  • Extreme Rules Matches (Inferno Match, Falls Count Anywhere, Iron Man, Last Man Standing, Submission, Table, Extreme Rules Match)
  • Cage matches (Hell in a Cell, Steel Cage, Steel Cage Pin and Give Up)
  • Backstage matches (parking lot, GM office, locker room A, locker room B, large locker room, interview area, catering area)

two against two:

  • Team Matches (Normal Tag Team, Tornado Tag, Falls Count Anywhere Tornado Tag, Hell in a Cell Tornado Tag, Ladder Tornado Tag, Steel Cage Tornado Tag, Tabletop Tornado Tag, tornado TLC, Normal Elimination Tag, Tornado Elimination Tag, Tornado Elimination Tag Table, Extreme Rules Match Tornado Tag)
  • mixed label


  • triple threat match
  • Ladder Matches (Triple Threat Ladder, Triple Threat TLC)
  • Cage matches (Hell in a Cell Triple Threat, Steel Cage Triple Threat, Steel Cage Triple Threat Pin and Give Up)
  • Extreme Rules Matches (Tabletop Triple Threat, Falls Count Anywhere Triple Threat, Extreme Rules Matches Triple Threat)
  • Handicap Matches (normal match without manager vs w.manager, Handicap One on Two, Handicap One on Tag, Falls Count Anywhere no Manager vs w/manager)


  • Fatal – 4 Way Match
  • Ladder matches (Ladder Fatal 4 Way, TLC Fatal 4 Way)
  • Cage Matches (Hell in a Cell Fatal 4 Way, Steel Cage Fatal 4 Way, Steel Cage Fatal 4 Way Pin and Give Up)
  • Extreme Rules Matches (Fatal Table 4-Way, Falls Count Anywhere Fatal 4-Way, Extreme Rules Match Fatal 4-Way)
  • Handicap Matches (regular match w/manager vs w/manager, Handicap One on Three, Falls Count Anywhere w/manager vs w/manager, Handicap one on trio)
  • Battle Royal (4-Man Battle Royal, 4-Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal)


  • Handicap Matches (Normal Tag Team without Manager vs. with Manager, Handicap Tag Team Trio)
  • championship fight


  • Tag team matches (regular tag team, elimination tag)
  • Cage matches (Hell in a Cell 6-Man)
  • Money in the bank
  • Handicap Matches (Normal Tag Team with Manager vs. with Manager)
  • Elimination Chamber (Normal Elimination Chamber, Tornado Elimination Chamber)
  • Battle Royal (6-Man Battle Royal, 6-Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal)

positive and negative


  • Royal Rumble with up to 12 players!
  • You can take a customizable character online
  • Many types of matches available online – if there’s a match you want, we’ve got it
  • Customizable Rules – You can decide whether or not to allow user-created content in matches, plus any other changes you want to make to the match.
  • 6-man matches available: Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank, to name two
  • Classic fighters available
  • The fighters look good
  • You can download other people’s creations and you can edit and take them online.
  • Classic fighters available
  • Easy to set up in a 1v1 match
  • Given the multitude of options and creativity at your disposal, there is great longevity in online play.
  • A good mix of grappling, punching, and counterattacks.
  • Authentic moves for fighters
  • WWE, by its nature, is larger than life and lends itself well to online play.


  • Online purchase code for more content. Full online access is 6.29 for any used or rented copy of the game! Around 15% of the RRP value of a first hand copy
  • There is still no full Royal Rumble quota of 30 real players
  • It can take a long time to get into a Royal Rumble match
  • No option to disable online lobby chat
  • The crowd still looks poor.
  • Too frequent disconnections (patches can solve this)
  • The sounds of the crowd don’t match the action. You’ve won the Royal Rumble and you can hear a pin drop in a Diva’s cleavage!
  • Royal Rumbles isn’t nearly as frenetic, action-packed, or crowded as it should be. Simply Battle Royal has another name.
  • Matches where tickets are ‘activated’ can take 8 minutes before you actually play, and when there aren’t many people online and only these types of matches (with tickets ‘activated’) it can be frustrating.
  • You will probably never play in most match types.
  • The comment can be repetitive and annoying.
  • Too many Irish whips and button hits in the rumble
  • ‘Championship Scrambles’ frequently end in a draw, too difficult to pin opponents

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