Researchers and cancer survivors alike say that alternative cancer therapy really does work, even on the most aggressive cancers, like pancreas. Eighteen months of research by Nobel prize winners, physicians, scientists, biochemists and doctors claim their findings uncovered more than 350 non-specific, natural and alternative cancer treatments.

Non-specific meaning that cancer cells, regardless of where they reside in the body, react to these natural and alternative treatments by either curing the cancer completely, increasing the response rate of the tumor combined with chemotherapy for further shrinkage, or in cases terminal or inoperable. increased survival time by 64% and a 59% increase in survival time in patients with metastatic breast cancer using alternative and natural treatments combined with chemotherapy.

The researchers also claim to have found a substance used in Japanese hospitals that reduces hair loss to “mild” rather than “severe.” This substance is also supposed to inhibit metastasis, improve survival rates and alleviate other side effects of chemotherapy. There is allegedly documented evidence that natural and alternative treatments work, with over 2,000 testimonials from current or recent cancer patients who have used natural and alternative treatments, either alone or in combination with conventional medical treatment.

The truth is that today, as many Americans are dying of cancer as in 1950, even after adjusting for age. Despite this fact, it seems that many medical professionals are only concerned with treating this disease through rigorous treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. It is also possible that many of the medical professionals are only aware of and able to prescribe FDA regulated treatments. Many of the natural and alternative cancer therapy treatments contain herbs and vitamins that are often found in readily available natural food sources, which fall outside the jurisdiction of the FDA.

It is not unreasonable to think that there is a natural and alternative therapy against cancer and that it can work. Antibiotics are a perfect example. They are extracted from the mold and given to combat bacterial infections such as pneumonia, meningitis, scarlet fever, strep throat, blood poisoning, gangrene, and many other bacterial infections. Here is a logical question: if a fungus fights bacterial infections, what other natural remedies exist that we do not know about and what are they capable of fighting?

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