How to make her forget about her ex boyfriend

How to make her forget about her ex boyfriend? Simple, very simple, and with a few lessons you’ll master it in no time.

Don’t be jealous, jealousy is wasted energy.

Talk to her, tell her how you feel about her always bringing up her ex boyfriend, tell her why you feel that way. Ask her how she feels about it, and then tell her the truth.

Tell her that you want her to get over her ex-boyfriend and that you will do whatever you can to help her.

Take her to new places, remove things that remind her of her ex, and make sure you have a good time with her. If you can’t have a good time with her, maybe you don’t want this girl after all!

You can’t go wrong with gifts, but don’t be too expensive, especially if she hasn’t forgotten her ex. Something small, a keychain that makes you think of her, seems to work very well!

Giving him a small gift will also make him think of you more often! He can’t think about her ex-boyfriend if she’s too busy thinking about you!

Another option you have is to give him his space, give him some time to figure out what he wants, you or him or neither, maybe he doesn’t even know it!

Those are my tips for beginners, the more you think about and understand them, the better you will do.

Remember, I use this analogy a lot, getting her back is like driving down a highway. Their reactions to you are the traffic signs, don’t break their laws! If you get a negative or stop reaction, STOP! If you have the green light, go ahead! If you don’t know, ask her!

It’s okay to tell him that I don’t understand if you want him to pursue you romantically or not! This makes things a lot easier, and if he says no, he means no. Find someone who wants to be romantically sought after, you can’t just do something over and over again if it doesn’t work out!

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