Koi fish tattoos – the perfect symbol of strength and stamina

Looking for a great tattoo symbol but can’t decide which design to wear on your arm, waist, back or behind?

Then answer the following questions.

– Are you the type of person who is very energetic and lively? Are you the life of the party?

– Are you and your superiors surprised by your drive and passion for improvement?

– Is courage a known trait of yours?

– Are you resilient in the midst of difficult times?

Then you might want to consider getting a koi fish tattoo, or even koi fish tattoos for that matter.

Literally, koi fish, or nishikigoi, are carp that are used to cold water but cannot survive below 10 degrees Celsius. Koi simply means carp in Japanese, but the homophone koi also assumes the meaning of love, specifically romantic love.

There is a legend in Japan that if a koi manages to climb the Dragon Gate Falls, then the koi transforms into a beautiful and majestic dragon. So, among all the Japanese tattoos, this is the perfect design if you want to convey that you are someone who is ready to face the most impossible circumstances to achieve a fantastic and almost hopeless goal.

The koi fish tattoo is just one Japanese tattoo design that will work great for anyone who wants to show strength and power. You can also try Japanese dragon tattoos or Asian dragon tattoos as they also symbolize power.

I hope this helps you better understand the true meaning of these tattoos.

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