New Balance 883, the shoe rocks, is the direct replacement for the discontinued 882, but these are nicer and more airy! I have been using the 880 series for a couple of years, before I could never walk or run without some kind of problem. Since I started using them, I have had no problems and can walk miles and miles. As an update, they added higher padding on the back of the shoe to the 882-883 and replaced the lacing on the 882 with the new SURE LACE, as well as adding more padding on the ball and toes of the shoe.

If this is your first time to buy the 883, you will be delighted with the light weight (9 oz), the cushioning, the support, the excellent arch support and especially the very roomy finger box. If you have the worst time to find a comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear throughout the day for years of foot problems, I highly recommend NB WR883 at any time.

Wide toe and half a size larger than labeled The toe of the shoe is very wide, and if you had tried on your usual size, you would have found that they felt too large. If your usual size was 8, I would order them in a size 7 1/2 for a perfect fit.

Enough space for braces? Yes, the 883 is awesome as advertised and easily fits your custom orthosis. They are very comfortable and fit very well in your braces. IF your feet are killing you, putting them on could make your feet feel so much better right away!

What is Sure Lace? The SURE LACE is one of the great innovations, which is a computer-woven lacing that is bumpy so that they never come loose like round laces do. Therefore, the laces stay securely tied while running and walking. As a tip, you can find and like the different lacing options New Balance has online.

How about your cushioning? If you were a runner with Nike, you would notice that after wearing my Nike, they didn’t feel as cushioned.

Buying tips:

  • Break-in period: No break-in period.
  • Shoe model made from: SL-2 Last (the latest for people with wide toes and narrow heels).
  • Weight: 9.00 oz (female); 12.00 oz (men)
  • Width: felt true to the width.
  • Size: half size larger than the labeling.
  • Made in the USA

Do i need a custom insert? I recommend using a custom insert if you have very wide feet with a high arch and instep, you will find that it fits very well within these shoes.

Makes your foot appear smaller. They are not the most attractive shoe, but they do serve their purpose and this style makes your foot look smaller – a welcome compliment!

They are noisy? The 883 is comfortable, but it does squeak a bit. Especially because of that, he wore these shoes on concrete floors and carpeted floors for 8 hours a day, five days a week. Aside from the squeak, they were great shoes.

I have flat feet, can I put it on? If you have flapper feet, terribly flat feet, you must have a riser in one shoe against a lot of shoes you have in your closet that you can’t wear. They are wonderful! After you’ve got the elevator put in, you can fit them for a whole day touring Chicago painlessly!

You can buy them for your parents or friends who have foot pain because the 883 is the best investment, since they no longer have pain and can walk again even running.

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