The recently introduced upgraded version of the Nissan Evalia MPV, Evalia XV-S, which is priced at Rs. 10.55 lakhs at the ex-Delhi showroom, is ready to rock the Indian roads. The quietly launched top-end variant has been updated with some new features like 15-inch alloy wheels and captain’s seats.

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The new improved MUV launched by the Japanese manufacturer is an improved version of the high-end XV model. This version comes with a rear windshield wiper, sliding windows, and captain’s seats for the middle row. However, the design philosophy has not been touched. With the exception of the rear windshield washer, windshield wiper and 15-inch alloy wheels, all other features remain unchanged.

The seven-seater is certainly a good ride and also features rear air conditioning vents to comfort the rear seat passengers. The tilting steering option on the MUV further enhances the overall driving experience, depending on different city conditions. The cushion set, seat belt pad, neck pillow set, steering wheel cover, and carpet are some additional features provided by the company.

A 1.5 liter dCi K9K diesel engine powers the MUV which produces a maximum output of 88hp, 200NM of torque along with an impressive 19.3kmpl fuel economy. The five-speed manual transmission transmits power to the front wheels, which is unbelievably good. Overall, the Nissan Evalia XV-S has a hugely spacious cabin and is an ideal minivan. However, people will end up paying Rs 30,000 extra for the new version and there are not many changes to the design and mechanics.

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However, there are no major updates, but the additions have been made only on the new XV-S variant, which means that customers who are not very satisfied with this new model will not be able to enjoy the new features on other Nissan versions. . In addition, customers will have to pay an additional Rs 30,000 for the XV-S, compared to the high-end XV model.

On the contrary, where Innova has managed to maintain its virtue and superelence in the market, the Nissan Evalia XV-S has turned out to be more of a utility. Its van-like design and ergonomics have given it the go-ahead for personal use.

If you are not really impressed with the new XV-S and are ready to invest your hard-earned money on any of the 2012 Nissan models, then you can buy any of the models and enjoy a huge discount of almost Rs. 2 Lakhs. .

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