A toran is a door hanging that is often seen in homes and places of worship. It is believed to attract prosperity, health and happiness to the home. It is also believed to protect one from negative energies and evil eyes. It is usually hung above the main door of a house to welcome guests with a warm and inviting vibe. It is also a great way to decorate a home during festivities and special occasions.

There are many different types of torans that can be found in shops and online stores, each with their own unique design and colour. Some are made of beads and danglers while others have more traditional threads and flowers. Some are even made of silk or satin instead of threads. It is a great idea to choose a toran that matches the style of your house. Some are even available in a variety of sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your entrance.

The term toran comes from the Sanskrit word Torana, which means “to pass.” Traditionally, torans were used as a symbol of good luck and wealth in Hinduism. They were hung at the entrance of houses and temples to please Goddess Lakshmi, who is considered the goddess of prosperity, wealth and success. Today, torans are more popular as a decorative accent for doors and other Vastu spaces. The torans that are currently being made by artisans use a variety of materials, patterns and colours to create stunning designs.

What is a Toran?

In the past, people tended to make their own torans from natural materials like marigold flowers or mango leaves tied with a string. The flowers are considered sacred and have a lot of symbolism in Indian culture, while the mango leaves symbolize fertility. They are also able to ward off bad odours and mosquitoes. This is why torans that are made of marigold flowers and mango leaves are still found at the entrance of some homes.

Another type of toran that is popular is the coloured woollen ropes. They are easy to make and look very elegant. They are also a great way to show your cultural pride and add a touch of the country to any room in your home.

The colour saffron is very auspicious for Hindus and is meant to represent generosity and purity. It is also one of the most commonly used colours by artisans who make traditional torans. Saffron is also a very strong and vibrant colour, which makes it perfect for hanging above a front door.

Torans are a great way to add color and vibrancy to your home. They can be hung on any doorway or archway in your home to brighten up the space and spread positive vibes. They can also be used as a festive decoration at special occasions and festivals, such as Diwali. Whether you are looking for a traditional toran or something more contemporary, there is sure to be a perfect one to match your style.

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