5 ways to be smarter

The brain is an amazing organ; the coordination center of sensation and intellect. There used to be a misconception about our brain, our intelligence, and our IQ. We used to think that we were forced to live with the level of intelligence that we had at each moment. New research has shown that we can become smarter, smarter, and increase our IQ levels by taking a few specific yet simple actions. These are the actions to take to be increasingly intelligent:

Action #1: reshape the brain

Let’s start with our brain. Our brains have elasticity and plasticity. Throughout your life, your brain has the ability to rewire itself when faced with new experiences. At any age, the brain can grow new neurons, and the more mental stimulation it receives, the better brain function will improve. Through brain training games and exercises, you can improve your attention, problem-solving skills, memory, and processing speed.

Action #2: Learn a foreign language or two

New research suggests that learning a foreign language gives you a mental boost. It also protects you from age-related mental decline and reduces the risk of developing memory loss or mental decline problems. Those who speak multiple languages ​​have a reduced risk of developing cognitive problems. Learning a foreign language provides the brain with mental training that makes it sharper and more powerful.

Today you can learn a foreign language in the comfort of your own environment and just by spending about 20 minutes a day for a period, you can learn to speak a foreign language. Learning new languages ​​contributes to making you “smarter”. Let’s face it, it also makes you look more sophisticated.

Action #3: Make mental maps

Mind mapping is a visual thinking tool that helps you gain information, generate ideas, and analyze information. Mind maps activate your creativity and help you think in a more lateral way. Helps with cognition and maximizes brain power. When you need to think and generate information, which is something we do very often, mind maps help you make the most of it and really use the power of your brain. At work and at home, you can use mind maps to think about and analyze information.

Action #4: Diet and Exercise

There are certain types of foods that help boost brain power, such as blueberries, oily fish, whole foods, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, brown rice, and broccoli. Talk to your doctor about your diet and exercise so you can get a diet and exercise plan that is scientific and really works for you.

Action #5: Increase awareness

Your brain has the capacity to do more and you can stimulate it through brain training, brain games and learning foreign languages. In addition to improving cognitive ability, you should also increase your knowledge while stimulating the brain. Read books and explore new areas of study. It helps keep your brain in shape and makes you more informed while doing it.

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