If your bathroom is looking a bit tired and worn these days, it’s important to know that there are many little things you can do to give your bathroom a much-needed facelift. Along with a fresh coat of paint and some new towels and accessories, one of the easiest and probably cheapest ways to spruce up your bathroom is by adding new bathroom cabinet knobs and pulls.

Home hardware can have such an impact on any room in the house, but in a bathroom where space is generally small, your cabinet knobs and pulls can stick out front and center. For this very reason, choosing the correct style and finish for your cabinet knobs can be very important. The knobs and pulls should be in keeping with the theme and style you have in mind for the entire room. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find something that works, as there are a wide variety of bathroom cabinet knobs to choose from. They come in a variety of materials, from metal to glass, as well as various natural materials like polished marble.

Finding the Right Style Cabinet Knobs and Pulls for Your Bathroom

Remember that size and shape are important too. Cabinet knobs that are too big or too small can completely ruin the look you were hoping to achieve. Take, for example, a guest bathroom that is usually quite small. You’ll want your knobs and pulls to be small too so they don’t overload the small room. But if it’s a fairly large bathroom, the cabinet’s small knobs and pulls can get completely lost in the larger space.

Match the knobs and pulls on your bathroom cabinet with the other accessories in the room. Of course, there are several acceptances of this rule. It’s always best not to mix different metals, such as bronze and silver, as it will only make your bathroom look poorly matched, but if you choose glass or ceramic cabinet knobs, they can work well with just about any metal. So if your faucets and towel racks are stainless steel, you can choose glass cabinet knobs and drawer handles to add a touch of sparkle to your bathroom.

Installing bathroom cabinet knobs and pulls is child’s play

When you’re ready to shop for your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, you need to consider the location of any existing holes in your dresser or other cabinets. Most cabinet knobs are fixed with a single screw and you can simply swap one with another, but this is not always the case with pulls as they come in different lengths and the holes don’t always line up. You will need to measure from the center of one hole to the other or better yet take one of the old handles with you when you buy and just match the hole location. Certain styles of drawer handles allow the use of a matching back plate that will cover old holes. So if you find something you really like but you know the holes don’t line up, check to see if you can find a matching backplate.

Installing any home hardware isn’t difficult, but replacing bathroom cabinet knobs is extremely easy. In fact, it is the perfect DIY task for the beginner. The only tool you will need is a Phillips screwdriver. Adding new bathroom cabinet knobs and drawer pulls is probably one of the simplest decorating projects you can do to bring that perfect finishing touch to your bathroom.

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