(1) Gold less than 6 carats. Most of that is the machine. The rest are unforeseen: 18″ traffic cones, a 30′ tape measure…etc. I know that may seem like a large number, especially when you’re struggling. So don’t buy anything yet. Buy my book first. I list everything I use. One step at a time.

(2) An actual store is not necessary. Most strippers work out of their own garage. I did it for (12) years. Many work from a closed trailer. Some may rent an Access (24) Hour facility, U Store It. Again…no actual store necessary.

(3) Without actual inventory. Paint and stencils are inventory. Buy paint on the way to work, after they gave you the job. Buy templates once. Yes, I make templates. My Handicap squad is 28 years old. Templates can be one (1) time waste. Shop on the go. Buy as you grow.

(4) You do not have to quit your day job. Not the firefighters. The teachers don’t. I made. Stripe the bank parking lot on your day off. Stripe the restaurant lot before they open, even if it means (2) trips.

(5) Almost any economy. I have been through both. In a good economy, people build, repair, and seal parking lots. Strippers needed. In a slow economy, people just “Re-Stripe”. (Think retail stores or car dealerships during a slow economy. They will choose only Re-Stripe.) I still had a job.

I needed/wanted a side business. “Pavement Marking” = Parking striping, met criteria. (That criteria includes… that I can do this with a little cash, a little learning, and also make a living. I made 165K from stripping. I’m taking the winter off.) That’s in my book. I was broke when I started. (When you’re broke, it has nothing to do with money.) Now I’m not. It was not easy. He had no one to talk to. After (16) years of stripping full time, I wrote my book; how lightning a parking lot… to help others. The title also says; 24 years old, single. Now it has been (28).

If you’re looking for something that can really work, consider striping for parking lots. Take a look at my site; http://www.AmericanStriping.com. Take a look at my book. Buy that. Please read it in full. Call me. Everyone has the same (2) questions: “what machine do I buy, what paint do I use?”. I have the answers. I can help. I would like to help. Thanks in advance. My name is Dan.

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