In a world where style is always second nature to man, practicality finds its match with the Samsung Galaxy S2. It combines all the necessary features and a powerful operating system with a style and architecture that is elegant and yet simple without losing the class and elegance that always comes with it. With the release of the white version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 in September 2011, the smartphone became even more attractive and sexy.

If people loved the black version of the Galaxy S2, they’ll love the white version too. What is the difference between the two? The color. The white version of the Galaxy S2 does not have any difference from the black version beyond the color of its exterior. Everything else is the same, including the operating system, features, and specifications.

Do you like the Galaxy S2 in White?

Chances are you’ll like the new white version of the S2. five million people made the advance purchase online of the white Galaxy S2, and they will receive their unit this September. It features a very sleek and sexy white exterior with chrome rims. This mighty little device is clearly designed for elegance.

There is a simple rule in the style; if you get tired of wearing it in black, wear it in white. That is exactly what happened to the Samsung Galaxy S2. Many people are delighted to have this popular smartphone designed in classy and elegant white.

Galaxy S2 Features

The Galaxy S2 enjoys a good following due to the variety of features packed into this small device without compromising on speed and efficiency. It has 1 GB of RAM, as well as the new 1.2 Ghz Samsung Exynos processor.

Its camera is 8 megapixels with HD 1080p for high definition video recording capability. It supports MHL, or Mobile High Definition Link, which also enables 1080p video output, complete with HDMI.

The screen is a decent width of 4.3 inches, not the widest in the industry (that title goes to the Blackberry Torch 9810), but it’s still a very decent screen when you want to navigate it. watch the media, and work. The operating system of the Galaxy S2 is the enhanced version of Android which is TouchWiz 4.0.

The new king of smartphones?

Apple is no longer the undisputed leader in smartphone competition. The industry has produced quite a few formidable alternatives to the iPhone like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Blackberry Torch. Samsung seems to be quickly taking the lead in terms of reviewer favorites, and has always wowed users with its array of features and super-satisfying performance in terms of efficiency and reliability.

If the trends continue, the Galaxy may be the one to occupy the smartphone throne for a long time. Gone are Apple’s pioneering privileges in the smartphone industry as Samsung and other brands have caught up.

Price is another thing that’s driving Galaxy sales up. It is competitively priced at an average of $720 depending on your location in the world.

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