You can start decorating your cake with frosting tips, cake pans, mixer, frosting bags, royal icing recipes, metal frosting spatulas, and mixing bowls. With the experience you have, you may be ready for more baking or cake decorating inventory. The items below are the suggested items that can be purchased for cake decorating:

1. 2 lbs Fondant Icing, Rolled, White, Vanilla Flavored – This fondant cake frosting is non-stick and flexible. With a rolling pin, you can roll the icing over the cake. This frosting creates an elegant, satin cake finish. For three-dimensional cake decorations, the frosting can be used as modeling paste. The fondant has the best quality. It is available in many flavors and weights. The product can be used on the thin layer of frosting or with powdered sugar so that it does not stick. Apart from the smooth and delicious taste, it is also flexible and easy to use. The cake will have a classy, ​​beautiful and elegant look with the use of Rolled Fondant Icing.

2. 3.5 lbs Buttercream Frosting – Product is ready to use in frosting and cake decorating.

3. Hex Mold – This cake pan has straight sides, hemmed edge for durability, uniform wall thickness, and 16 gauge anodized aluminum. You can choose from wedding set, round set, oval set. , a square cheesecake pan with a removable bottom, a heart-shaped pan, a petal pan, and a cut-out corner pan.

4. Magic Line Round Pans – This cake pan set includes 5 different size pans (14, 12, 10, 8 and 6 inches) that are perfect for cake decorating and baking needs.

5. 2 sets of 2 x 2-inch to 20 x 2-inch cake pans. 3-inch deep cake pans are more affordable.

6. Round fluted cake pan.

7. Angelfood non-stick cake pan.

8. 3-tier cake and dessert stand

9. Rolling pin

All of these cake decorating tools and supplies can be found on various sites on the Internet. The site contains all the new tools and gadgets you will need for cake decorating. The website is aimed at a beginner or professional pastry chef. It won’t be difficult for you to get the tool you want because this site has it all. It is also perfect for people who are considering cake decorating for a business. The store is reasonably priced for each item, so you can be sure that you will get your money’s worth.

From a simple hobby, cake decorating can grow into your bread and butter. The pastry industry is a great industry that proves to be a business for other successful people. The need for cakes is limitless and as long as there is a celebration, you have a reason to be in the cake industry.

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